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Unleash the future of fintech with Custom Fintech Software Development! With expertise in delivering cutting-edge Fintech Solutions including Investment & Trading Software, Cross-Border Payment Gateways, Personal Finance Products, E-Wallets and more, our team is equipped to bring your financial vision to life!

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Fintech Application Development

We have earned the trust of Fintech startups and large financial institutions by providing robust and secure digital fintech products powered by the future-proof technologies. Given our 17years of experience in Fintech Industry, our teams can collaborate efficiently to ensure effective solution faster time-to-market.
Tailor your Custom Fintech Software with essential & next generation features.
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Jurisdictional
  • Multiple authentication systems
  • Highly Secured & Compliant

Electronic Trading Software Development

Capitalize on the ever-growing demand for exchange and trading platforms offering smart trading automation, advanced mobility features supporting a wide range of conventional and digital currencies and other digital assets by developing your innovative idea with our Fintech Software Developers


Fintech Payment Solutions / E-Wallet

Build your own payment systems with unique service offerings and monetization mechanisms to facilitate B2B payments, fintech digital payments, mobile payments and P2P transfers, for personal finance management, retail and e-commerce industry and many more.


Financial Planning & Management Software Solutions

We build Customized Financial Solutions to help financial advisors, organizations drive better customer engagement through sophisticated financial monitoring tools, financial analytics and better communication and seamlessly integrate with existing accounting, CRM, and ERP systems.


AI Powered Fintech Software

Capitalize the power of AI - unleash efficient solutions to highly complex financial problems. Our financial software development company can help build efficient, automated, and highly accurate systems using AI technology to automate and streamline back-office functions like transaction processing and fraud detection.


Insurance CRM Software

Our Fintech Software Developers can design and develop Financial CRM software for insurance companies and credit unions to accomplish and organize customer information, such as contact details and transaction history.


Investment Management Software

We build customized Fintech apps to help organizations drive better customer engagement through sophisticated financial monitoring tools, financial analytics, and better communication.

Today, technology-based businesses & solutions offer financial institutions the opportunity to telescope their appetite for innovation and create powerful new business models that enhance bottom-line performance for customers.

What We Offer Our Clients

To make your Fintech Software stay ahead of the technology curve, our Fintech Software Developers strategize, plan, wireframe, design, build, and maintain products continuously. We can build Custom Fintech Applications to display complex features in engaging ways that your users can understand.
Customized Application Development
We engineer scalable, future-ready Custom Fintech Software Solutions for your business-specific requirements, industry trends, and evolving user needs.
  • Product Engineering
  • Digital Transformation
  • MVP Development
  • Enterprise Applications
We make sure that your custom Fintech Software is efficient, scalable and glitch-free.
Support & Maintenance
We aspire to keep your Fintech software/app running with 100% efficiency. And for that, post-launch service is as crucial as quality development. We take care of
  • Modifications & Technical Improvements
  • Bug & Glitch Removal
  • Performance Improvements
We understand your system, source codes, and functions, so identifying glitches becomes faster and scaling up becomes easy and cost-efficient.
AIML driven Solution
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology has tremendous potential to resolve challenges and provide innovation solutions of the industry which are beyond the capability of human. We provide,
  • Business & Data Analytics & Engineering
  • Predictive & Cognitive Analytics
  • Recommendation Engine & Chatbots
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Visual Search, Image Recognition & Voice based AI
Support & Maintenance
If your existing software, web product or mobile solution has to be extended as you want to make it more efficient, We can develop APIs or integrate-able tools in order to make it happen. We can integrate this additional module in your current setup too. Our Fintech Programmer Identify and eliminate the risks involved in the upgradation process to prevent the wastage of time, unnecessary complexity, and other such problems.
  • Integrate APIs & Systems
  • Upgrade Planning, Assessment & Testing

Meet Our Expert

Dhruvit Vachhani

Financial Services Portfolio Leader

Innovation around financial technology is opening up financial services to unserved demographics & segments of the market, as well as changing the way people interact with finance.


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Engagement Model

We offer 3 flexible model – Fixed Price Model, Dedicated Hiring Model, and Time & Material Engagement Model to choose from.

Development Methodology

We follow a systematic and customized Agile Development Approach for software/application development.

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    7 Years of Trust & Hard Work

    Over the years we have leveraged exceptional technological expertise at affordable prices to offer our clients customized solutions to suit their needs and industry niches. Our development is focused on making reliable, appealing, easy-to-use, speedy, scalable, and customized deliverables.
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    Veztraa is not just another software development company, but it is an institution for global businesses to get the technical solution to complex business problems and needs with a vision that is client-oriented. Learn more about our values, how we address challenges from our CIO, Veztraa Solutions.

    Our Clients Say

    We place a huge value on strong relationships. Our clients have faith in us. We always keep them ahead of their competitors by serving them top notch IT solutions.
    Rohan Pathak

    They offer all the services requested. Veztraa Solutions project management style has been excellent. They schedule weekly meetings through Skype to keep everything in place.

    Rohan Pathak

    CEO, Dcart | Canada
    Samir Black

    Veztraa is a budget- and timeline-oriented team. Their dedicated work ethic and expertise have resulted in innovative solutions that brim with marketable and customer-oriented potentials.

    Samir Black

    CEO & Founder, Yobod | USA

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    See the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below.
    Every business has a different user base and each user base has distinct requirements. Therefore, the “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work here. Custom software development for Fintech helps us create personalized solutions that suit your business needs. We can tweak the features and UI of any software based on the kind of Fintech solution you want to make.
    We take into account several factors for estimating the final cost of your fintech solution:
      Complexities in features & functionalities
    • Complexity of third-party platform integrations
    • Size of the project Choice of app platform
    It costs you less if you need software with basic features, but if you need advanced software, it will cost you more. Although the cost to develop fintech software could be $30,000-$100,000.
    The time to develop a fintech software depends on the complexities of features & third party integration you want to implement. We ensure that speed of fintech software development is attained without losing the quality and value of the product. An average software development project requires between one and nine months to complete, averaging about 4.5 months.
    We offer the following services in online payment platforms-
    • Embedded Finance BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later): In this, a non-finance business incorporates a Fintech service into its app or website. For example, Amazon.
    • Payment Gateway: A digital payments gateway authorizes and manages payment for online retailers. They offer a smooth and hassle-free payment experience to the customers.
    • Along with Cross Border Payment Gateway with features like Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency, Multi-Jurisdictional, multi account opening facilities and more. You can contact our Fintech developers for a more comprehensive discussion on this.
    We have developed multiple custom fintech applications, provided integration & support services to multiple fintechs & enterprises. From financial planning software, investment management software, cross border payment gateways, personal finance products to Digital wallets & more. You may check some of our case studies as follows:
    1. SWIMPAY – Multi-lingual, Multi-Currency, Multi-Jurisdictional, Multi-Account Opening – Cross Border Payment Gateway
    2. Investment & Financial Planning Software for financial advisors – managing accounts, assets & liabilities, risk tolerance of all family members of the client.
    You can use a digital wallet to store your debit cards and credit cards. Apart from that, you can also hold some cash in that wallet for instant payments. A digital app is much more broader in terms of features and functionalities. In fact, a digital wallet is a part of a digital app. With digital wallet app development, you can easily make these kinds of apps.
    Our Fintech software developers implement strong encryption methods, conduct regular security audits, and stay up-to-date with the latest security threats and vulnerabilities. We are committed to offering you solutions that will resonate with your audience with robust security measures that will gain their trust.
    Some of the key features of Insurance CRM software include lead management, policy management, customer database management, quote generation, sales and commission tracking, and customer communication management. If there are any other features that you wish to include, we can develop a custom financial CRM software for you.
    Depending upon the need of your fintech software, we always suggest the best technologies to ensure an efficient, robust & most importantly a secure system. We offer the following technologies for fintech software development:
    • Front End : Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS, etc
    • Back End: ASP.NET, NodeJS, JAVA, PHP, Laravel, ROR, etc
    • AI : Python, TensorFlow, etc
    • Mobile: Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native Cloud Computing: AWS, Azure, etc
    • Project Management Tools : Jira, asana, slack, , clickup, pivotal, etc
    Check out our full range of Tech Stack


    As the world’s leading web & mobile app development company, we have been privileged to win 13+ awards for our working process. We’re honored to be a recipient of each of these awards for our hard work & customer loyalty.
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